Our People

The quality of our people is what has and will continue to make Walleye great. We consider it imperative to maintain a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment in which everyone on the Walleye team is given an opportunity to be impactful.

quote start Through my lens of 45 years of experience, I’ve found that the best ideas often come from experts across multiple disciplines working together. Collaboration is always something I’ve encouraged, and a concept that Walleye continues to foster throughout the firm. quote end

—Irv Kessler, Chairman

We didn’t sit down when the firm was first founded and write out what we wanted our culture to look like. Walleye’s culture was an organic output of our behaviors – the shared way our leadership team and people at the firm do things every day.

Our culture is how our investors are treated as a partner and the transparency they receive. It is how an employee is onboarded, mentored, and then managed. It is a highly human, highly driven environment in which our talent has the ability to thrive, and our investments can then flourish.