Our Platform

Walleye’s robust and dynamic platform is key to maximizing the success of our experienced investment professionals.

Platform sophistication is arguably the most critical component of what sets apart the best multi-strategy hedge funds from the rest of the pack. Walleye was built to power what is widely regarded as the most complex investment strategy from a technology and infrastructure perspective – options market making. While our platform continues to evolve daily, the core components that have powered the firm since 2005 have enabled our leaders to push the boundaries of what is possible from an investment perspective.

Our people are only as powerful as our platform.

We strive every day to maximize the quality of our central teams to deliver our investment talent the requisite tools to compete in an industry that continues to get more competitive.


Team of 56 software development and system administration individuals

Highly flexible data management technology

Walleye is among the most technologically sophisticated firms in the investment space.

The need to manage all asset classes globally while still maintaining cutting edge functionality drove us to build a unique technology platform that permeates all facets of our business. Today, our technology seamlessly integrates data across:




Trades in LTM




Underlying Holdings


Execution Brokers

Every team at Walleye leverages our centralized tools and services in order to optimize efficiency and collaboration.

deephaven logo

Deephaven Data Labs, our custom-built database engine, was originally created at Walleye to accommodate the enormous data challenges posed by modern equity options market making.

We successfully spun out Deephaven Data Labs as an independent technology business in 2016. Today it is a true data software leader, serving major financial services institutions among its clients.

Risk Management


Rules-Based Processes

Flexible Data Management Technology

Experienced Leaders

We take a sensible, intellectually honest approach to risk management.

While well-defined risk corridors are critical in our business, there is no such thing as a “one-size fits all” risk model. Each strategy requires customization as both the way in which the PM makes money and therefore the risks they are taking can change drastically relative to each other.

In addition to a team of generalists, the Risk Team has increasingly employed asset class specialists. The complexity of the modern market requires real expertise, from both an investment and risk perspective. These team members work closely with our strategy group heads and portfolio managers, helping to create customized risk monitoring screens that are particularly germane to the market in which they trade.

Our technology allows our Risk Team to implement a systematically driven, process-oriented framework aiming to maintain and enforce critical strategy-level and fund-level criteria. Understanding what risks we’re taking across a portfolio of multiple asset classes, geographies, and ultimately thousands of individual positions is a non-trivial exercise, but something we consider imperative to the running of a multi-strategy hedge fund.


Our advanced multi-strategy platform and the complex set of investment strategies running on it require a sophisticated and adaptable compliance framework permeating across all parts of our business.

Our global compliance program is responsive to the challenges of a dynamic business. Through strong partnerships across all teams, and best practices in design and implementation, we seek to exemplify the highest legal and ethical standards of conduct.