Mark Zeldis

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Zeldis has been with Walleye since 2005 and a Partner since 2015. He has been instrumental in designing and developing the firm’s competitive technology infrastructure as well as some of its trading strategies. As a Partner, Mark continues to manage the infrastructure and support needs of the trading groups. Prior to joining Walleye, Mr. Zeldis was Vice President at Lehman Brothers in Equities Technology. He was responsible for reengineering the company’s Position/PNL/Risk system and providing assistance in platform and logic development behind Lehman’s execution strategies. Early on in his career, Mr. Zeldis founded SeekImage. Here, he was able to invent and develop algorithms behind content-based image retrieval and recognition on a large scale. Mr. Zeldis graduated from Brown University with a B.S. in Computer Science.